Mic Runner

What does a Mic Runner do?

A member of the event production team who is sent into the crowd with a microphone to catch audio from specific audience…


Lighting Designer [LD]

What is a Lighting Designer?

A live event lighting designer is in charge of creating and managing all aspects of lighting for a production. They work with…


Green Room

What is a Green Room?

A Green Room is an area or room, usually backstage, where the talent or presenter wait for their time to be up onstage.


Graphics Operator

What is a Graphics Operator?

A live event technician is in charge of organizing and operating the onscreen graphics during and show or event.



What is a Gobo? "Goes Before Optics"

A plate that has been cut in such a way that when it is attached to a lighting set up will project a pattern or image…


Floater Tech

What is a Floater Tech?

A live event technician who has a general knowledge of audio, video, and lighting who can be called upon to support wherever…


Delay Screen

What is a Production Delay Screen?

A screen used to repeat information being displayed on stage or screen for audience members who are deemed too far from…



What are Lumens in live production?

A unit of measure for the output of a light or projector. Often used to decide the intensity of lighting.



What is a Production Rundown?

An item-by-item sequence of events that will happen within a show. The detailed outline shows what each department should be…



What is a Live Event Producer?

The managerial head of the overall event, play, or live event. The producer is in charge of the production logistics and…