Teleprompter Operator

What is a Teleprompter Operator?

A teleprompter is a video screen system that delivers scrolling, scripted text or bullet points to a presenter during a…


Production Manager

What is a Production Manager?

The Production manager handles the planning and executing of the event, with an expertise in implementing the overall…


ENG [Electronic News Gathering]

What is ENG [Electric News Gathering]?

A type of digital filming set up that is usually remote of a main production and requires minimal personnel and/or…


Dead Case Storage

What is Dead Case Storage?

Dead case storage is an area backstage where all of the empty equipment cases are stored neatly and out of the way while the…


A2 [Audio Engineer]

What is a A2 Engineer [Audio Engineer]?

The A2 or Audio Technician assists the A1 (audio engineer) in the technical aspects of handling audio equipment…


A1 [Audio Engineer]

What is an A1 Engineer [Audio Engineer]?

In live event production, the A1 is the primary audio engineer and is responsible for the technical design of the…


Stage Manager

What is a Stage Manager?

The live event supervisor is the person who supervises the execution of all show elements in a live event production. The stage…


Run Of Show

What is a Production Run Of Show?

A run of show is a cue by cue detail of a live event production. It’s the primary document that a show production crew…


Production Schedule

What is a Production Schedule?

The Production Schedule is the master timeline for coordinating live event production teams. It details what the various…


Production Assistant [PA]

What is a Production Assistant [PA]?

An assistant to the producer who supports many different tasks at an event as needed. The production assistant offers…