Release Notes

To kick off 2018, we made several quality of life improvements to both the web app and our first ever version of an iOS app!  We're constantly looking for ways to make the Shoflo experience better, and are shipping updates on an almost weekly basis.  If you have suggestions on how to make Shoflo better, please send them to

Enhancements / New Features

Web App

  • Added a re-captcha step to new team signups, new individual user signups, and crew invites to prevent spammers from sending mass-invites.  We also decided to remove the custom invite messages from crew invites.
  • Greatly improved messaging and functionality for when an edit failed to properly get saved to our servers.  In the event your edit failed to send, we'll present the edit you made in a modal allowing you to try the edit again, or to copy your edit to try again later.  We hope this helps alleviate some frustrations you may have experienced if your connection drops to our servers

iOS App

  • Improved the behavior of the back button when in a show to always take you back to your event dashboard.  Previously, if you had switched shows, it would bring you back to the last show you were in.  Now, it'll always bring you back to the event dashboard.

Bug Fixes

Web App

  • Fixed an issue in shotgun view where tapping on the row selector wasn't properly loading that row's data
  • Fixed an issue in light theme where the dropdown icons next to a column header were invisible
  • Improved the performance and handling around performing rapid edits

iOS App

  • Fixed an issue where title rows weren't rendering in schedules and lists. We also slightly updated the title row styling in shows to be more consistent with how they look in the web app

Global Elements Update!

We're approaching the last few days of development for Global Elements.  We're working through as many of the last minutes bugs as we can as well giving demos and showcasing the new features to customers.  We're definitely very excited to release this product for all of you to enjoy!

Demonstration of Shoflo's global element manager